Hellenic Motor Museum – Theodore & Joanna Charagionis Foundation reopens its doors
from Friday 14 of May with new rules and safety measures.

Ensuring the protection of workers and visitors is our main concern thus the staff is equipped with masks,
antiseptic systems have been installed in all areas and special markings have been located for the essential distances.  

Visitors are kindly requested to use a mask and antiseptic while visiting the Museum,
as well as to follow the social distancing rule of 1.5 meters. 
The maximum number of people allowed inside The Museum at the same time is 164.



Dear visitors please do not visit Hellenic Motor Museum, if in the last 14 days you or anyone in your party has been in close contact (within 2 meters for more than 10 minutes or any unprotected contact with bodily fluids/secretions) with someone with a confirmed or suspected (has symptoms) case of COVID-19 or are you or anyone in your party currently under isolation or quarantine orders.

  • Guests must always wear face coverings. This excludes guests who are under 2 years old. Masks will be available for purchase in the store (if needed). Even if you are vaccinated, you must wear a face covering (masks must be worn in addition to shields).
  • Guests will receive a complimentary stylus upon entry. This will be used to push elevator buttons, sign for purchases, and push parking machines buttons.  
  • Guests must socially distance by placing at least 2 meters between themselves and others.
  • All guests are encouraged to wash their hands regularly and sanitize them using the available stations (under 9 years old requires parent present for use of sanitizer)
  • All interactives & group events in the museum will be postponed.
  • All guests must obey barriers and follow directional signage.
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