Abarth 1000 Zagato Record Monza Bialbero

In 1950 Carlo Abarth, after his collaboration with Cisitalia, created his own company. At first Abarth focused on improving engines for Fiat and other companies before deciding to produce complete cars in 1955; many of which were in partnership with Carrozzeria Zagato. 1956 was the year that he produced one of the most famous and most successful models, the 750 Coupe, which besides racing was also suitable for driving on the road while it was based on the mechanical parts and the floor of Fiat 600. Its superstructure consisted of small-diameter tubes, just half an inch, supporting Zagato’s beautiful, lightweight and aerodynamic coachwork.

Engine’s output was gradually increased to 800, 850 and 1000 cc, as is this specific car, with the engine being fitted with an advanced bonnet system, with hemispherical combustion chambers, double overhead camshafts (hence the Bialbero title in Italian) and two twin Weber carburetors. It was extremely successful in races; while double victory of Italian champion Massimo Leto di Priolo’s is characteristic, as he won with a 750 the circuit of Rhodes and the ascent of Filerimos circuit, back in 1957, leaving journalists speechless because of the small output of his car.

Built year: 1960
Engine type / cc: 4 in line / 982cc
Engine output: 91bhp / 7,100rpm
Top speed: 205 km/h 
Number produced: N/A

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