Mercedes – Benz 190 SL

During the Fifties, when Mercedes-Benz was the dominant force in top-level motor sport, the undisputed flagship of the firm’s production car range was the stunning 300 SL sports car. Highly desirable as it was, it was also financially out of the reach of most enthusiasts. Mercedes-Benz decided to build its smaller stable mate, the equally beautiful and well-engineered 190SL. Launched at the 1955 Frankfurt Motor Show, the attractive 190SL roadster looked very similar to the 300SL, but it cost a great deal less. This specific car was acquired by the Museum through auction in Great Britain.

Built year: 1958
Engine type / cc: 4 in line / 1,897cc
Engine output: 105bhp / 5,700rpm
Top speed: 171 km/h
Number produced: 25,881

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