Lamborghini Espada 400 GTE Series II

Ferruccio Lamborghini had the expectation to build a four-seater supercar. As such, he announced the Espada at the 1968 Geneva Motor Show, fulfilling his absolute desire.
Marcello Gandini gave to Espada a style which represented the merge of two futuristic Bertone cars: of ‘Marzel’ based on ‘Miura’, bearing the glass transparent doors that allowed the view of Mrs. Lamborghini’s attractive legs and of ‘Pirana’, based on an experimental model for Jaguar E-Type.
This specific car was acquired by the Museum through auction in Great Britain.

Built year: 1970
Engine type / cc: V12 / 3,929cc
Engine output: 350bhp / 7,700rpm
Top speed: 256 km/h
Number produced: 575

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