Jensen C V8 Mk II

The Jensen CV8 Mk I was introduced in October 1962. Production ceased in 1964 when the Mk II took over while production of the Mk III began in 1965 and stopped in December 1966. The body continued to be made of fiberglass in all versions with the exemption of doors, which were made of aluminium.
It is worth noting that Jensen CV8 was the first British car to use Alternator instead of Dynamo.
This specific car, owner of which was David Prowse (Darth Vader in Star Wars Trilogy), was acquired by the Museum through auction in Great Britain.

Built year: 1965
Engine type / cc: Chrysler V8 / 6,276cc
Engine output: 330bhp / 4,600rpm
Top speed: 223 km/h
Number produced: 250 (496 all CV8 types)

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