ISO Rivolta GT

Iso was a motorcycle maker, which in 1953 started at the post-war period of privation with the first bubble cars like the ‘Isetta’, which was made under special agreement in Germany (BMW), France (VELAM), Spain (Borgward-Iso), and Brazil (Iso-Romi).
After 1955 (the year an Isetta won its class in the Mille Miglia race) the firm stopped making cars until 1962 when it came up with a design as far removed from a bubble car as possible, the Rivolta! It was a four-seater GT with a 5.4-litre Chevrolet engine. This specific car was acquired by the Museum through auction in Great Britain.

Built year: 1966
Engine type / cc: Chevrolet V8 / 5,359cc
Engine output: 300bhp / 5,000rpm
Top speed: 220 km/h
Number produced: 797

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