Hudson Super Six

In the early 1920s, Head of Hudson, Roy Chapin, quickly acknowledged the market’s opportunity for a passenger car in a reasonable price. With help of chief-mechanic Baits and coachbuilder specialist Toncray, such a body was built for the Essex line, part of Hudson’s empire in 1922.

Using mass production techniques cost was even lower than the most common ‘Tourer’ and from 1924, the two-door, five-seater car was available in the Hudson range and was indeed the cheapest Hudson model that year. The specific car was acquired by the Museum through auction in Great Britain.

Built year: 1924
Engine type / cc: 6 cyl. in line / 4,730cc
Engine output: 78bhp / 2,450rpm
Top speed: 96 km/h
Number produced: N/A

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