Fiat Dino 2000 Coupe

The Fiat Dino is a front-engined, rear-drive sports car manufactured between 1966 and 1973. It was an intermediate step towards creating Ferrari’s “Dino” and the two are often confused. The name Dino was given in honor of Enzo Ferrari’s son who died at the age of 24 and is charged with the inspiration of the V6 engine. The Dino emblem and name was rejected by Ferrari’s American dealers as they claimed it didn’t help its sales. Thus, cars were named “Fiat” Dino and “Ferrari” Dino. This specific car was acquired by the Museum in Greece and has Greek license plates.

Built year: 1967
Engine type / cc: V6 / 1,987cc
Engine output: 158bhp / 7,200rpm
Top speed: 200 km/h
Number produced: 3,670

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