Bentley “T” M.P.W. Fixed Head Coupe

Rolls Royce had made just one concession concerning the mechanical engineering of its firm and that to keep the legendary name of Bentley alive. The Bentley “T” saloon was a similar model badged version of the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II. The Bentley was different from its Rolls Royce sibling by its front grill, badges and some more minor differences. Bentley cars were always hand-built, defying the built time, giving great attention to perfection and nearly ignoring any financial charges. In contrary to four door factory build the coupe model was built by famous Mulliner-Parkward coach builders. This specific car was acquired by the Museum through auction in Great Britain.

Built year: 1969
Engine type / cc: V8 / 6,233cc
Engine output: 280bhp / n.a. rpm
Top speed: 194 km/h
Number produced: 98

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