Willys Whippet 6 Roadster

The history of Willys as a vehicle name goes back to 1909, when J.N.Willys first put his name to a vehicle. J.N.Willys had saved the Overland Company from bankruptcy just 2 years before and set up the headquarters for Willys-Overland (as it was now called) in Toledo.

The high priced vehicle was hard to sell, so it wasn’t a huge sales success, but J.N.Willys tried again in 1914 – this time with a Knight Engine and so began a long series of Willys Knight vehicles. However, the Willys name would not be exclusively linked with Knight because the 1917-1919 period saw the poppet valved Willys 6 introduced – perhaps to boost sales during WW1.

Built year: 1929 
Engine type / cc: 6 in line / 2,922cc 
Engine output: 50bhp / 3,400rpm 
Top speed: 104 km/h 
Number produced: 80

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