Packard Standard Eight Sedanca Town Car

Always built to the highest standards, the Packards were undoubtedly among the best American pre-war cars. When it first appeared in 1924, the ‘Eight’ model was the first Packard equipped with four brakes. A similar car belonged to Eleftherios Venizelos and is kept in Crete. In fact, visible on its sides are 21 bullet holes which were the result of a murder attempt against Venizelos. Another similar car, brown / beige colored was the property – between other cars – of the famous outlaw Al Capone.

This specific car was acquired by the Museum through auction in Great Britain.

Built year: 1931
Engine type / cc: 8 in line / 6,300cc
Engine output: 105bhp / 5,200rpm
Top speed: 128 km/h
Number produced: N/A

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