Hunnia Horse Drawn Carriage with water pump

Very little is known about the Hungarian Automobile Manufacturers before the 1939-1945 War. What is known though, is that Hungarian inventors were studying the construction of vehicles since 1875. However all the archives and design documentation related to the car manufacturing were destroyed during the War. Never the less, very important was the effort of the two brothers, Lajos and Otto Harris, who formed a unique Museum down town Budapest’s old center. The 1895 “HUNNIA” which can be seen here, is equipped with a hand-powered pump, obviously used for spraying fields or for extinguishing fires.

This pump was found by the Hellenic Museum in an antique shop near Tripolis town, with the information that was imported from ex Yugoslavia, where it was used for irrigating work.

Built year: 1895
Engine type / cc: 2 Cylinder/4-8 Arms
Engine output: 1-2 bhp
Top speed: 7 km/h (a bit more when downhill)!
Number produced: N/A

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