Frazer Nash – BMW 319/1 “Willis” Recreation

Frazer Nash-BMW was BMW imported prewar by Frazer Nash in Great Britain.

BMW Models 319 and 319/1 were presented in 1935 with six-cylinder engines like in 315 and 315/1. Up to 1937, the production of all BMW 319 types was 6,646 cars, of which 102 were 319/1 Roadsters. ‘BMW Willis Special’ started life as a BMW 315/1 of 1936. After the end of 1952 racing season ‘Willis BMW’ was abandoned in hibernation as a basket case and changed many hands till Fuad Mazjub sold the pieces to Brian May who started partial restoration. Proby Cautley purchased the semi-restored car, finished it off and presented the car at Silverstone 2003, taking part also in numerous events in 2004.

A second car based on 319/1 chassis bearing a similar lightweight body (aluminium sheets on small tubes underbody structure) was put in place in parallel with the restoration of Ron Willis BMW.

By increasing the engine capacity to 1971cc and by placing a Bristol 401 cylinder head with hemispherical combustion chambers, identical to the pre-war BMW 328 as well as the mechanical parts like hydraulic brakes from the same famous racing BMW is an exact copy of the historical ‘BMW Willis Special’, being a very fast racing car prepared according to early ’50s Formula Two specifications.

The engine is six-cylinder in line 1971cc, delivering 135bhp at 5,500rpm, while top speed is over 100mph.

Built year: 1938 
Engine type / cc: 6 in line / 1,971cc 
Engine output: 135bhp / 5,500rpm 
Top speed: 165 km/h 
Number produced: 2 BMW Willis (102 BMW 319/1) 

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