Chrysler Imperial Series 80, 7-Passenger Limousine

In 1926, Walter Chrysler decided and attempted to compete with Cadillac and Lincoln in the category of luxury cars. As such, during the same year, the Chrysler Imperial was introduced as the flagship in a wide range of the company’s models, mainly due to its history. This Chrysler had a variety of bodywork styles: 2-seater and 4-seater Roadster, 4-seater Coupe, 5-seater Sedan and Phaeton as well as this 7-seater Limousine which was the top-of-the-range model. This specific car, which was a taxi-limousine in the town of Piraeus, was restored in the ’70s by the AUTO-MEMOS Collection which was eventually acquired by the Charagionis collection in the early ’90s.

Built year: 1928
Engine type / cc: 8 in line / 6,324cc
Engine output: 125bhp / 3,200rpm
Top speed: 139 km/h
Number produced: 431

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