Bristol 401 Saloon

Bristol 401, announced in 1949, was only the second model built by the newly established car builder who’s 1946 Bristol 400 was based on the pre-war BMW. It was a car created by a plane maker, where quality is a matter of life or death, there was no room for penny-pinching compromise in design or construction. The 401’s alloy body was an example of high-minded extravagance permeating a car’s simple design. Six cylinder two liter engine bearing hemispherical combustion chambers, was derived from famous BMW 328, the most successful in race prewar sportscar. The Museum acquired two Bristols 401, one from Wales and one from Scotland. It restored the one, while the other is exhibited in the condition that was found for comparison purposes.

Built year: 1950
Engine type / cc: 6 in line / 1,971cc
Engine output: 85bhp / 4,500rpm
Top speed: 156 km/h
Number produced: 611 type 401, (300 type 403)

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