Alvis 12/60 Beetle-back

The British car manufacturer Alvis produced cars from 1920 to 1967.

The company’s cars were quite expensive, competing in the market of luxurious cars, not producing in large numbers, so were somehow exclusive of the kind. Alvis’s performance, appearance and also the refined details in production were far higher in quality from all other cars of the same category.

Only 104 Beetle-backs are known to have been built by Alvis manufacturer.

A week after it was acquired, it was entered the International “FILPA” Rally in October 1990 at Rhodes Island, where the First overall place was achieved having completed the 400km distance with minor preparations and driven by the Museum founder and co-driven by George Drazinos.

Built year: 1931
Engine type / cc: 4 in line / 1,645cc
Engine output: 60bhp / 4,500km/h
Top speed: 128 km/h
Number produced: 104

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