The 42,195m from Marathon to Athens is considered to be one of the most demanding and tough Marathon routes in the world. Every year thousands of runners’ professional and amateur from around the world participate in the celebration. The 42,195m route starts at the Marathon Start Venue in the town of Marathonas. Runners follow the route that was mapped for the 1896 Olympic Games and it is supposed to be close to the route that Pheidippides followed bearing the news of victory.

First it was a rural city, and then became the place of a legendary battle; the victory of Athenians over the Persians (490B.C.) gave birth to a Race that inspires the world.

The Marathon Race.
Pheidippides was a long-distance runner or courier as we can say today but for Ancient Greece it was a hero and his accomplishment an inspiration for the modern sporting event of Marathon Race.


Running or not get into the celebration. Feel the atmosphere of joy and passion.
Explore Athens and numerous possibilities for fun, shopping, culinary secrets, archaeological & art walks, swimming.
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